43.86194649281, -66.1142377

102 Evangeline Trail
Yarmouth NS B5A 4H9

Lake Milo

One of the south shore's most popular Smallmouth Bass fishing locations, Lake Milo is linked via Second Lake to its sister lake - Doctors Lake - which, in combination, are often used for Smallmouth Bass Tournaments in the province. A barrier free fishing site that provides ample parking, a dock, an accessible picnic area, and a public boat launch can be used at Lake Milo Aquatic Club on the east shore. Nearby, you can visit Sealed Landers Park, which also offers an accessible picnic area and shoreline that can be fished from.



Drawing of a Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass  |  Micropterus dolomieu
Drawing of a Chain Pickerel
Chain Pickerel  |  Esox niger


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This fishing area is enforced following general regulations, seasons, and bag limits. It also has an extended season for Smallmouth Bass. Detailed regulations can be found in the Nova Scotia Anglers' Handbook, available by clicking here.