Fishing in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Fishing Regions

Nova Scotia is surrounded by unique ocean environments with freshwater rivers emptying into the salt. Experience abundant fishing opportunities in the rocky southwestern shore, the fertile valley, the Atlantic Coast and Southern Uplands, the inner Bay of Fundy, the northern shore along the Northumberland Strait, and the island valleys and highlands of Cape Breton.

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RFA 1 – Cape Breton
RFA 2 – Eastern Mainland
RFA 3 – Central
RFA 5 – Valley
RFA 6 – North Shore
RFA 4 – Southwestern

Nova Scotia Special Management Areas

Special Management Areas are used to improve angling opportunities for both smallmouth bass and trout. Recent and past studies have indicated that brook trout production is limited in Nova Scotia and a change in the provincial trout resource has occurred.

Overfishing is one of the main factors believed to be responsible for declines in fisheries. Other factors include habitat loss and competition. New regulations in Special Management Areas may affect bag limit, season length, length limit of fish retained and gear type.

Ongoing studies in Nova Scotia, and in other provinces and states, indicate that special management regulations are very successful in improving recreational fisheries by increasing the number of larger fish caught by anglers. In Nova Scotia, ongoing monitoring is required to assess the impact of new regulations on trout and bass fisheries.

Interest in Special Management Areas (SMA's) has increased in Nova Scotia. Anglers have identified potential locations for SMA's through the Recreational Fishery Advisory Council process. Anglers that are interested in SMA’s are encouraged to participate in the Recreational Fishing Advisory Councils.

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