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Middle River

The Middle River offers angling experiences for a collection of our trout species - Brook, Brown, and Rainbow - as well as Atlantic Salmon for the short but worthwhile month of October. Aptly named for its central location in Cape Breton, Middle River is situated in and amongst a number of Nova Scotia's favourited rivers to fish, including Margaree, Baddeck, and North River - all of which are within scenic driving distance from one another. Nearby, you can also access Grant's Pond - one of Nova Scotia's Barrier Free Fishing Sites that is stocked by the province with Brook Trout.


Brook trout engraving-style illustration
Brook Trout  |  Salvelinus fontinalis
Atlantic salmon engraving-style illustration
Atlantic Salmon  |  Salmo salar
Drawing of a Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout  |  Oncorhynchus mykiss
Drawing of a Brown Trout
Brown Trout  |  Salmo trutta


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Atlantic Salmon are managed by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). Please see their website for more information regarding specific regulations:


For a complete list of regulations, please review Nova Scotia Anglers’ Handbook:

Anglers’ Handbook - Government of Nova Scotia

Special Management Area

Middle River is a Special Trout Management Area. Please refer to the most recent Nova Scotia Anglers' Handbook for details regarding specific regulations.