44.64484192002, -63.482537010788

759 Patricia Road
Eastern Passage NS B3G 1J7

Morris Lake

Morris Lake is considered a gem right in the heart of Dartmouth. It features several small islands, coves and a diversity of habitat and species. Some areas of this urban lake make you forget you are in a city. There is a public boat launch at the northern end of the lake just off the Portland Estates Blvd. You can also launch small boats at the Kiwanis Centre Beach and park at the south end, which features a barrier free fishing option.


Drawing of a Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass  |  Micropterus dolomieu
Drawing of a Chain Pickerel
Chain Pickerel  |  Esox niger
Drawing of a Perch
Perch  |  Perca


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Morris Lake offers year-round fishing opportunity for certain species. For details, please review Nova Scotia Anglers’ Handbook:

Anglers’ Handbook - Government of Nova Scotia

Special Management Area

Morris Lake is a Special Bass Management Area. Please refer to the most recent Nova Scotia Anglers’ Handbook for details regarding specific regulations.