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Shubenacadie Grand Lake

Shubenacadie Grand Lake is a very large and diverse lake bordering Halifax Regional Municipality and Hants county on mainland Nova Scotia. Draining into the Shubenacadie River at its northeastern outlet, it is the seventh and largest lake in the Shubenacadie canal system. Originally, this canal system was designed to transport goods from Halifax harbour all the way to the Bay of Fundy. Prior to its existence, the Shubenacadie River (locally referred to as the Shubie) was used by Mi’kmaq people to move between hunting and fishing grounds as seasons changed.

Shubenacadie Grand Lake offers excellent fishing for trophy Smallmouth Bass, Chain Pickerel and, depending on the season, Striped Bass. There are also small populations of Brook Trout and landlocked salmon. This lake is best fished by boat. Guides are recommended for the most enjoyable, productive and safest experience on this trophy-fish water.



Drawing of a Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass  |  Micropterus dolomieu
Drawing of a Striped Bass
Striped Bass  |  Morone saxatilis
Drawing of a Chain Pickerel
Chain Pickerel  |  Esox niger
Drawing of a Perch
Perch  |  Perca


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Grand Shubenacadie Lake offers year-round fishing for certain species. For details, please review Nova Scotia Anglers’ Handbook:

Anglers’ Handbook - Government of Nova Scotia

Special Management Area

Shubenacadie Grand Lake is a Special Bass Management Area. Please refer to the most recent Nova Scotia Anglers’ Handbook for details regarding specific regulations.