43.873417, -65.976631

Tusket NS B0W 3M0

Tusket River

You'll truly be embracing Nova Scotia's southwesternmost coast while visiting the Tusket River. Filled with a dynamic system of lakes linked throughout the river, the Tusket offers a unique fishing combination of mostly Smallmouth Bass in its lower reaches, and Brook Trout in its headwaters. Plentiful access to nearby lakes, hiking trails and winding coastal roads makes the Tusket River worth the trip.


Brook trout engraving-style illustration
Brook Trout  |  Salvelinus fontinalis
Drawing of a Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass  |  Micropterus dolomieu


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The Tusket River has a seasonal angling closure in the spring. For details, please review the Nova Scotia Anglers’ Handbook:

Anglers’ Handbook - Government of Nova Scotia

Special Management Area

Big Meadow Brook, of the Tusket River, is a Special Trout Management Area. Please refer to the most recent Nova Scotia Anglers' Handbook for details regarding specific regulations.