Shan and Sali Cunningham

Ursa Major Outfitters

Ursa Major Outfitters is a Nova Scotia based business, owned and operated by Shannon and Sali Cunningham. Shannon has spent most of his life in the back woods with over 35 years of hunting and angling experience. He is a licensed trapper and guide as well as a Marine Navigational Officer. Qualified as a medical first responder, a licensed meat cutter and volunteer to Ground Search and Rescue, Shan has spent countless hours in the back country exploring the wilderness and beauty Nova Scotia has to offer. When he’s not in the woods, he’s busy volunteering his time to non profits such as Safari Club International as a former Executive director and past President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters. Like Shan, Sali Cunningham is a licensed guide for hunting and fishing in both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. She is a licensed trapper, certified in CPR and emergency water rescue. Sali is also an Executive director for Safari Club International.

Shan & Sali operate their business year round, offering ice fishing trips in the winter months along with angling trips the rest of the year. Their favorites are the all day backcountry fishing trips to some very remote and hidden fishing locations.




Gear Type

Fishing gear provided


Brook trout engraving-style illustration
Brook Trout  |  Salvelinus fontinalis
Drawing of a Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass  |  Micropterus dolomieu
Drawing of a Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout  |  Oncorhynchus mykiss
Drawing of a Striped Bass
Striped Bass  |  Morone saxatilis
Drawing of a Chain Pickerel
Chain Pickerel  |  Esox niger
Drawing of a Perch
Perch  |  Perca
Drawing of an American Shad
American Shad  |  Alosa sapidissima
Drawing of a Flounder
Flounder  |  Paralichthys dentatus
Drawing of a Mackerel
Mackerel  |  Scomber scombrus
Drawing of an Atlantic Pollock
Atlantic Pollock  |  Pollachius


Accessible Fishing Options Available
Fly and Conventional Tackle
Fly Fishing
Group Fishing
Shore Lunch
Spin Fishing
Striped Bass Equipment
Use of Boat

Credentials / Certifications

Professional NS Fishing Guide
First Aid
Food Handler Certification
Fire Arms
Hunters Safety